Instagram 連動フォトコンテスト開催!

ヤスイカメラ × インスタグラム

ハッシュタグ 【#ヤスイカメラフォトコン】 をつけてお気に入りの写真を投稿してください❗️
最優秀賞の方には7月よりコダックさんから発売された新型ハーフサイズフィルムカメラ🎞 EKTARH35 をプレゼント❗️

ヤスイカメラ⁡⁡⁡⁡→ @yasuicamera をフォロー❗️

ハッシュタグ 【#ヤスイカメラフォトコン】をつけて投稿❗️









If your post is set to private or you are not following instagram account YasuiCamera, it will be invalid. Please set your post to public and follow YasuiCamera during the application period.

If you submit multiple photos in one submission, only the first photo submitted will be considered. There is no limit to the number of times a photo can be submitted, but multiple awards cannot be given to the same account.

Photos submitted outside of the contest period will not be considered for the contest.

Please comply with the laws and ordinances established by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and local governments when taking photographs using drones.

Minors must obtain the consent of a parent or guardian before entering the contest.

*Photographs that include subjects that may be personally identifiable or copyrighted works to which a third party has rights may only be submitted with permission. In addition, you represent and warrant to the Sponsors that your submitted work does not infringe on any rights of any kind. In the event of any infringement of portrait rights, copyrights, or other third-party rights in the submitted photographs, we will not be liable for any such infringement, and the contributor will be responsible for resolving the matter at his/her own responsibility and expense.

The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the submitter, but after cropping and other corrections are made as necessary by our store, the submitted photo may be used free of charge on the official website of Yasui Camera, various SNS, PR magazines, etc., and the submitter agrees to this. The entrant is deemed to have agreed to this.

This contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Instagram. Please adhere to Instagram’s terms and conditions for photo submissions.

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