Kodak ULTRAMAX 400 ウルトラマックス400 24枚撮 3P



お求めやすい値段で彩度・コントラストも高めですが大袈裟過ぎない良好な写りをする常用フィルムです。 少しハイキー気味に(適正露出より明るめに)撮影することで青色が綺麗に出ます。当店オススメのカラーネガです。 ISOは400なので日中屋外はもちろん、暗くない室内でも扱いやすいです!


Kodak Ultramax 400 – 35mm – 3 Roll Pack


Only one per person per order.

Kodak Ultramax 400 is a 400 ISO color negative consumer film available in 35mm format in 24 exposure roll.
An affordable, regular film that gives a good image with high contrast but not
too exaggerated. The blue color comes out beautifully by shooting with a little high key
(brighter than the proper exposure). This is our recommended color negative. Since the ISO is 400, it is easy to handle not only outdoors during the day but also indoors when it is not dark!

¥ 2,500 (tax included)

It is also sold at physical stores. Even if you purchase it, the number of items in stock may vary depending on the timing. Please note that it may be out of stock.

¥3,700 (税込)


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